Red light therapy

A revolutionary new product will be coming to Cabana Sol tanning salons very soon, we call it our fountain of youth.

This is a rejuvenating light therapy treatment that gives your skin, thanks to light waves of 630 nanometers, all the elasticity and energy that it had during your beautiful youth. The benefits of light therapy have been observed for more than half a century, but only recently, following much research by NASA, have we discovered the miraculous effects of certain light waves on the skin. human.

The 630 nanometer lightwaves are used by cosmetic surgeons and high-pressure dermatologists, commonly referred to as laser treatments, to improve certain areas of your skin. The light therapy system that we offer at Cabana Sol is a low-cost treatment that is more affordable and safer than the laser, which gives the entire skin of your body the miraculous effects of high pressure!

How can a light rejuvenate my skin? Here is what I will explain to you by describing in detail this light and its effects on the skin.

A detailed presentation of the treatment we offer will follow.

The magic light

What is this magic light? If we want to give our skin all the benefits of light therapy, the light waves must be concentrated at a length of 630 nanometers. At this length, the light wave penetrates 8 to 10 centimeters below the skin, stimulating the cells to produce the chemical elements necessary for healing and rejuvenation. It has been repeatedly proven that a light at 630 nanometers helps greatly to control skin infections, heal lesions, reduce acne and reduce and even eliminate scars. There are two light therapy techniques at 630 nanometer waves, either high pressure or low pressure. High pressure, also called laser, is an extremely effective treatment, but it must be used under medical supervision because it can also be very dangerous. The low pressure, used by our rejuvenating lamps, is equally effective while being much less dangerous for the skin.

The low pressure rejuvenating lamps therefore have all the benefits of high pressure laser treatment such as rejuvenating effect, wrinkle reduction and acne treatment. In addition, the low pressure treatment has no side effects, no risk of tissue damage, no risk of eye damage, no pain and no recovery time is needed! Let’s not forget that low-pressure treatment with our rejuvenating lamps can treat all the skin of your body, unlike the high pressure treatment that targets only a small part of skin at a time. However, the high-pressure laser treatment has the advantage of being almost instantaneous, offering vascular treatments and completely remove age spots, the low pressure treatment shows results after a few sessions and it reduces stains old age, but can not make them disappear completely.

It allows your body to naturally give back to your skin all the collagen necessary to have a beautiful skin!

The cells of the skin contain mitochondria, which are responsible for producing ATP that gives energy to your skin. The ATP produced naturally by your body decreases with age, which results in a decrease in collagen production and loss of elasticity of your skin. The rejuvenating lamps stimulate your mitochondria to produce a quantity of ATP equivalent to the one you produced when you were 20 years old to bring you:

  • An increase in blood circulation
  • An increase in the proliferation of fibroblasts
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • An increase in lymphatic activity
  • A simulation of anti-inflammatory faculties

The rejuvenating lamp treatment offered by Cabana Sol therefore offers several skin treatments:

  • The treatment of wrinkles and fine lines
  • The treatment of cellulite
  • The treatment of scars and stretch marks
  • The treatment of acne
  • The treatment of rosacea

That’s why we can say that our rejuvenating lamps are almost magical!

The treatment in detail

Cabana Sol offers treatment starting from a 20-minute rejuvenating lamp exposure, twice a week for a total of 16 sessions. Exposure to light is done while relaxing lying in a bed similar to those used for tanning in the cabin, the rejuvenating lamps replace the traditional tanning lamps. You will find a result on your skin after only a few sessions, but for optimal results, it is imperative to complete your treatment of 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of treatment, sessions can, depending on your age or skin type, be taken 2 to 4 times per month to optimize the production of ATP needed to keep skin young and healthy.

Before each treatment, you must wash your skin well, have no makeup and preferably have the skin exfoliated. A lotion to lower the pH of your skin should also be used before each session, a skin with a very low pH level absorbs more easily the light, this lotion is strongly recommended for better results. Next to each treatment, it is also very important to use a moisturizer all over your skin, preferably a cream that will also restore the pH of your skin if you use the lotion that lowers it before each treatment.

To make things easier, we also offer a complete set of creams and lotions that will accompany you during your treatments. It consists of a complete set for your skin in three stages that you will use before and after each exposure to rejuvenating lamps. The set includes a body spray that will lower the pH of your skin, a body moisturizer that also contains anti-cellulite agents and a moisturizing face cream that also contains anti-wrinkle agents.

This is what we propose to you to give back to your skin an air of youth deserved. Our rejuvenating lamp system is available at our Cabana Sol branch in Brossard right now and will be available in the coming weeks in many of our other locations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or come try it today without even having to make an appointment.

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