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Tanning salon

All our branches are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We offer spacious sunbed cabins and standing cabins. Facial lamps are also available in some branches.

Our machines
We are proud to offer you the best tanning machines available on the market. They are well maintained with maximum hygiene. And we make sure we replace lamps before their usefull life has expired.

During your visit, you will be spoiled for choice for your selection of cabins. Indeed, you will find devices combining different ratios of UVA/UVB rays in a range of awesome power ! But let us advise the unit suitable for your skin type and your needs. Thanks to fast service and a quantity of available cabins, all our branches are walk-in. This allows you to sunbathe as quickly as possible without having to wait long.

Red light therapy
Discover the revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment at the red light. Immerse yourself in a bath of fresh light that produces benefits in every cell of your skin.

The Europeans are crazy about it and it is finally available in Quebec, the red light skin anti-aging treatment. The pulsed red light using special lamps in a machine is a revolutionary treatment that helps your skin recover its youth. Unlike the laser treatments that are painful and that temporarily damage the skin, our treatments are totally painless and are applied to all the skin on your body at once.

We were the first to offer this treatment in Quebec and its popularity continues to grow. Red light treatment is perfect for all ages and all skin types. It allows to control skin infections, heal injuries, to reduce acne and reduce or even eliminate scars. After a few sessions, you see your wrinkles, your stretch marks and your rosacea problems reduced.

Our products

We are the largest retailers of Australian Gold, Designer Skin and Swedish Beauty products ; the most recommended tanning lotions on the market for a well hydrated tanned skin.

Learn more about our products
Your skin deserves to be well treated and it is for this reason that we offer you the best tanning products available on the market. As we are the largest retailer of Australian Gold, Designer Skin and Swedish Beauty products, you will find them at the best prices with us. Our large selection of tanning lotion brands will allow you to choose the one that will be perfect for your skin.

Do you want a lotion with or without self-tanner? Do you have a type of fat, mixed or dry skin ? Our experts offer a range of products, that will appeal to your skin, in your nose and in even in your purse ! We also offer samples of our most popular lotions so you can try them at lower prices before investing in a bottle.

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